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Title: Knock Knock  

Author: Chris Merritt

Publication Day: March 17th 2020





Natasha Mayston wasn’t expecting anyone to knock on her door so late at night. And she has no idea that the face staring back at her is the last one she’ll ever see…

As Detective Dan Lockhart is called to a wealthy London street to investigate Natasha’s death, he’s startled by the similarity to a previous case. Noticing the cable-tie restraints and the tiny scratches on Natasha’s wedding finger, Dan already knows what he will find if he looks in her mouth – the metal ball which choked her to death. He knows Natasha isn’t the killer’s first victim and is certain that he will strike again.

Months earlier, Kim Hardy was found in the same position in a run-down hotel across the city – an identical silver ball in her throat. But Kim’s murderer was caught and sent to prison – did they arrest the wrong man? And what connects the two victims? Fearing that he’s dealing with a psychopathic serial killer, Dan calls in psychologist Dr Lexi Green to help him to get into the perpetrator’s mind. Tough and smart, Lexi will stop at nothing to hunt down the man responsible for the deaths.

Then, another body is discovered, just as Lexi finds a clue online leading to the killer. Dan’s team aren’t convinced, but in pushing Lexi away from the investigation, they force her to dig further into the case on her own. Convinced that she’s on to something, she puts herself in unthinkable danger… but can Dan piece together the clues and identify the killer before it’s too late?

Fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Dugoni and Cara Hunter will love this thrilling new series from Chris Merritt. From an explosive start to a heart-stopping finale, you will not want to put this book down!

My Review:

Knock Knock is the first book in the Detectives Lockhart and Green series by Chris Merritt. Merrit is a new to me author and I must say I am now certainly a fan! This is another serial killer story I am adding to my collection.

While investigating a new murder scene, Detective Inspecter, Dan Lockhart, is shocked to see similarities to that of another previous murder, but the offender was already caught and awaiting trial. Has the wrong man been arrested and is there a serial killer running loose killing women? Dan brings in Psychologist Lexi green, hoping she can give some insight to the killer before he strikes again. But, as Lexi digs deeper into the murders she finds herself directly in the crosshairs of a killer.

I must admit the title of this book really gave me goosebumps because I always have this fear that late at night someone is going to knock on my window or my door and scare the living daylights out of me. Hey, it can happen! So, when women are starting to be killed after answering a knock at their door, I found myself listening to every freakin sound in my apartment. Talk about a total meltdown every time my cats made a huge noise or a bang while reading this story had me practically jumping out of my chair. I am such a wuss!

I really loved Dan Lockhart and how determined he was to catch a killer while dealing with his own personal issues and family life. Nothing stood in his way and he went through all the evidence stacking up with a fine tooth comb trying to prevent another murder. He brings in Lexi Green as a forensic consultant to deliver a profile on the killer. But when her offer of help and profile on the killer goes unnoticed by the detectives working the case, Lexi takes matters into her own hands to find the person responsible. I liked Lexi, but found her to be a bit naive as well as making a few rookie mistakes in her quest to catch a killer. I do love the dynamic between Dan and Lexi though and I think they make quite a team, if only Dan takes her more seriously next time.

This is a pretty long book at over 400 pages, but I found the story to be moving and never really lagged in the action. There are many twists and turns as well as quite a few people I liked for the killer. Although I did try my best, I never really figured out who it was until the big reveal. I was pretty immersed in this story throughout and found I was unable to put the book down, which meant I had a long night ahead of me reading. I should know better by now NOT to start reading a book after 11PM!

Knock Knock is a gripping crime thriller and will certainly make you think twice when you hear a knock on your door late at night! This is a great start to a new series and one I am certainly going to be following. Oh man, that ending too, what a way to keep me invested in anticipating the next book!


Author Bio:

Chris Merritt is a British author whose crime thrillers combine psychology, suspense, and characters you care about.

All his novels are set in London, where he lives. He began writing fiction in 2014, after previous careers as a diplomat, based in Iraq and Jerusalem, and later as a psychologist working with victims and perpetrators of crime. He specialised in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which sparked his interest in telling stories about how people cope when faced with extreme adversity.

Now he spends most of his time writing novels and drinking coffee while *thinking* about writing novels. When he’s not writing, he loves climbing and playing basketball.

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