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I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Her Daughter’s Mother by Daniela Petrova @DanielaGPetrova @PutnamBooksHer Daughter's Mother by Daniela Petrova
Published by Penguin Publishing Group on June 18, 2019
Genres: Fiction, Thrillers, Psychological
Pages: 320
Format: ARC
Source: Edelweiss
ISBN: 9780525539971


She befriended the one woman she was never supposed to meet. Now she's the key suspect in her disappearance. For fans of The Perfect Mother and The Wife Between Us comes a gripping psychological suspense debut about two strangers, one incredible connection, and the steep price of obsession.

Lana Stone has never considered herself a stalker--until the night she impulsively follows a familiar face through the streets of New York's Upper West Side. Her target? The "anonymous" egg donor she'd selected through an agency, the one who's making motherhood possible for her. Hungry to learn more about her, Lana plans only to watch her from a distance. But when circumstances bring them face-to-face, an unexpected friendship is born.

Katya, a student at Columbia, is the yin to Lana's yang, an impulsive free spirit who lives life at the edge. And for pragmatic Lana, she's a breath of fresh air and a welcome distraction from her painful breakup with her baby's father. Then, just as suddenly as Katya entered Lana's life, she disappears--and Lana might have been the last person to see her before she went missing. Determined to find out what became of the woman to whom she owes so much, Lana digs into Katya's past, even as the police grow suspicious of her motives. But she's unprepared for the secrets she unearths, and their power to change everything she thought she knew about those she loves best...

Lana Stone and her Partner Tyler have been trying to conceive for the past eight years. With numerous failed attempts they try for an anonymous egg donor. But, with their relationship already strained, is it really the right time to try to have a baby? There are so many secrets between the pages of Her Daughter’s Mother. Which ones do you believe?

Lana is on a mission to have a baby and at thirty eight years old her biological clock is ticking. She will do anything just to have a baby often times putting her relationship with Tyler through the ringer. Lana really wants someone of her Bulgarian background, which is proving harder than it seems, especially in a multicultural city such as New York City. But, Tyler has a plan and finally an egg donor is found. Katya, of Bulgarian descent, agrees to be an anonymous egg donor, but is it already too late for Lana and Tyler when their relationship slowly starts to fall apart?

Not everything is what it seems and Daniela Petrova has weaved a fantastic thriller that will definitely put you through the ringer. At times, the story seems simple, but the twists really through you for a loop. Although this is a slow burn thriller, I found myself deeply engrossed in the story and needing to know what comes next. I learned early on in the story to not believe everything at first because Petrova really spins it to the point where I was left kind of speechless. Which is a good thing! I love a story that really plays with me with the narration is often times unreliable especially when you are getting a first person account of not one but three different people.

The story is told in “now” and “then” format through the eyes of Lana, Katya and Tyler. It was really interesting hearing their thoughts and not knowing which person to trust. One thing I found that they all had in common was some sort of inner struggle. I can see how each of them were keeping secrets which also leads to one big misunderstanding as well.

Can I say that I liked all of the characters. No, not necessarily, but I can sympathize with what Lana is going through. Lana, Katya and Tyler all have flaws, only some have worse flaws than the other. I also don’t think we are meant to like the characters to a certain extent. Dishonesty is such a huge theme among all of them.

When Katya goes missing, the story really takes off and gains momentum and the story really starts to come out and all of the twists are finally revealed. I definitely feel the first half was more background information which set up all the twists in the last half of the story. What happened to Katya and does Lana or Tyler have something to do with it? I definitely felt myself going back and forth on this question.

Her Daughter’s Mother is a gripping psychological thriller that will have you furiously turning the pages needing to find out what happens. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and definitely highly recommend it if you are a fan of thrillers.

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