Levi – Bailey Bradford

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Author: Bailey Bradford
Series: Leopard’s Spots #1
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publishing Date: September 12, 2017

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Rating: star 4

Levi Travis, a snow leopard shifter, was at a yearly family reunion held at the Travis family ranch in Northwestern Colorado. Feeling restless, he decides he needs a break from family time and shifts into his snow leopard form to run and hunt through the woods. Here he contemplates what he is looking for in a mate. Levi wants someone strong and dominant, that can over take him and put him in his place sexually. He doesn’t want someone who is necessarily violent just someone strong enough to over power him, but still gentle enough to know that he could stop it if he really wanted to. All in all, he never figured it would ever happen and it would just be a fantasy.

Lyndon Hines, a cougar shifter, felt like he has been trying to find a place where he belonged. He was unsure what he wanted out of life. He just wanted to find peace, love, and acceptance. Something that he is not felt in a very long time. Lyndon’s own father chased him off because he didn’t want to share his own territory with his son or care enough about Lyndon when he was in human form. Besides being run off by his father, Lyndon is now on the run from someone else, another cougar who marked his scent in Lyndon’s apartment claiming territory.

Now on the run, Lyndon makes his way to Colorado. While shifting into cougar form to hunt, he picks up the scent of male arousal. Curious like never before and aroused all the same, he hunts for the cause of his frenzied state. Finding Levi, he knew he could not let him go. That is, until the deed was done and he high tailed it and ran again.

Will Levi have the power to make Lyndon stop running and face the stalker who is out to get him?

LEVI was a wonderful character driven story that captivated me right from the start. It is very rare that I indulge in shape-shifter stories as I usually prefer a bit of realism in my main characters, and it is even more rare that I read a M/M story, but every now and then a story, such as this one, will grab my attention. Bailey Bradford really knows how to make a story come to life. Her characterization is flawless and you come to love the main characters and wish for their happily ever after. Bailey Bradford also sets the stage for the rest of the series by introducing a wonderful set of secondary characters from Levi’s family. I, for one, can not wait for the second installment in the Leopard’s Spots series.

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