Rating and Reviewing Policy

Please note that at this time I will NOT be taking review requests in the following genres until March 2018. 


*All other genres on my favorite list below will still be accepted.*

How do I rate my books?

I rate all books that I review on a 5 – star scale.  These will always be my honest reviews. My rating scale is as follows:

5 Stars: I Absolutely loved it! I could not put the book down. Don’t even try to pull me away from this book or I will be giving you the evil eye. I am probably right at this very moment researching all back books to add to my TBR pile as well as convincing every one I know to buy this book.

4 Stars: I really liked it. I had a hard time putting it down. I would also still read any back books and/or future books by the author. I would recommend the book.

3 Stars: I liked it. It was an easy read. I would still recommend it.

2 Stars It was ok. It is still a good book, may have had a few quibbles. More than likely it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

1 Star Just not for me. I couldn’t get into the story and had a hard time trying to finish it.

What is my review policy?

Normally, I try to have all reviews done and submitted within 1 month of receiving a book, unless, there is a specific date that you would like for me to post the review.

All reviews will be added to Amazon, Goodreads, my blog, Twitter, and my Facebook page. If the book is from NetGalley, my review will be posted there as well.

If there is a book that you would like for me to review please email me first with information and a short synopsis.

What kinds of books will I read and review?:

I only read fiction books at this time. This is an escape for me and being drawn into the fantasy is what gives me pleasure.

Do I accept books from Indie Authors?

Absolutely!  Some of the best books I have read are from Indie authors.

The following are genres that I enjoy:

Romance (contemporary, historical, western, European/Regency historical, suspense,Erotica,paranormal)
Thrillers – Psychological Thrillers
New Adult

What format do I prefer books to be in?

I prefer e-books in either epub or mobi form.

I can take physical copies of books as a last resort if you do not offer e-books.

Please send me an email at sinfullywickedbookreviews@gmail.com or you can click on the Contact tab above and fill in the form if you would like for me to review your book.