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Book Description:

They’re in your house.

They want your life.

And now, they have your baby.


To the world, I’m @HappyWife. Online, people only see my picture-perfect home, my handsome husband, Nick, and my beautiful baby, Thomas.

They don’t see the real Gemma Adams. They don’t see my past, the dark secrets I’m hiding in my marriage. They don’t see the fear I live in every single day.

But I know someone is watching me. And now, they’ve taken Thomas.

I just don’t know why.

But I’m going to stop at nothing to get my baby back.

Even if it destroys everything I’ve got to find him.

A compelling thriller, packed with suspense – fans of K.L. Slater and Lisa Jewell won’t be able to put it down.


My Review:

The Face at the Window is the first book I have read by author Ruby Speechley. I do have to say I was quite drawn into this tory as Speechley has a knack for keeping you hooked right from the start.

Gemma Adams’ five day old son has been kidnapped by Rosie, an employee at Gemma’s restaurant. But, who is Rosie exactly and why would she want to take baby Thomas?

This story is mostly plot driven and what at first might seem like an open and shut case and one easily figured out certainly leaves a lot of questions along the way. Is this kidnapping so cut and dry? Is this story so easy to be figured out within the first few chapters? Well, yes and no. I certainly thought I had it all figured out at the beginning and may have found myself a tad bit disappointed at first to have figured it out, but a few pages later all these different scenarios started hitting me at once that I felt like a conspiracy theorist. Did I really guess the entire plot or did Speechley just manipulate me into believing that was the case? Let’s just say Speechley got me on this one. Kudos on the trick! Now, I am totally invested while my mind is spinning trying to figure it all out.

The only two characters really fleshed out in this story are that of Gemma and Scarlett as the story is told through both POV’s in both before and after dual timelines. Did I necessarily like either of the two characters? Again, yes and no. There are definitely little hints throughout the story that had me going back and forth between like and dislike which made the story that much more interesting.

I would like to point out though that there is an underlying theme surrounding this story and could be a trigger for some readers. There is physical and emotional abuse, cheating, and manipulation. Triggers do not bother me, but may be an issue for some.

The Face at the Window is a fast paced story that pulls you in right from the start. I had trouble putting this book down! I raced to the finish line needing to know what happened and I am happy to say it did not disappoint. 

Author Bio:

Ruby Speechley is the author of four psychological thrillers published by Hera Books. She loves writing about domestic situations with plenty of twists and secrets.

She was born in Portugal but has lived in the UK since she was three months old. She now lives in Cheshire with her husband and two of her three children and two dogs. She has an older son and grandson.

You can contact her on Twitter: @rubyspeechley



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