Review: Say Something by Cathy Morrison

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Review: Say Something by Cathy MorrisonSay Something by Cathy Morrison
Published by Cold Fire Publishing on January 18, 2019
Pages: 270
Format: ARC
Source: Netgalley
ISBN: 9780998674155


Sometimes the most difficult choice is the only one you can make.

Maggie knows the abuse she endured as a little girl isn’t all that defines her. She’s a strong student, varsity athlete, good person—but she’s careful not to let anyone close. Because letting someone in means risking the truth. And the truth didn’t work so well for her the first time.

Now there’s this great guy. He likes her. He makes her think that maybe, just maybe, she could be normal. She could be happy.

Just when things are getting good, the man who abused her barrels back into her life, and she discovers that another little girl is in danger. She can continue to hide her past—or confront it and risk her hard-won happiness.

She can say something.

*Abuse is NOT depicted in a graphic manner.

Say Something by Cathy Morrison is a emotionally powerful read dealing with child sexual abuse and how it has affected Maggie, our main character, for the past ten years.

Maggie is a seventeen year old high school student and while she may get great grades and is a fantastic athlete, she finds it hard to get to close or make friends with anyone. Maggie is still trying to define herself as a person and as a woman especially after what she went through as a child. The person who abused her is still free nor has he ever been arrested. She likes a boy, Matt, in her class and he seems to return her affections, but with a big secret between them, Maggie is very unsure of herself and her budding relationship. It is not until she sees her abuser again with another little girl does Maggie decide to speak up. Will her abuser finally face the consequences of his actions?

I had such a hard time reading this story, not because it isn’t written well, because it is. It has more to do with the subject matter. I hate seeing children hurt in any way and just the thought of knowing there are predators who target children is something inconceivable. Cathy Morrison really tells a heartfelt story that is both raw and emotional. Morrison shows the after effects of abuse and the daily struggle someone can go through, but it also shows such courage and redemption in Maggie’s story and the one main point that is hammered home is that maggie is a survivor and the abuse she suffered through does not define her life.

Say Something is a definitely a story that is honest and authentic. The writing flows so effortlessly through the pages and held my attention all the way through. I highly recommend.

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