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I Know Your Every Move

A sinister phone call, an unknown visitor. Sophie’s life is about to be turned upside down

Sophie has worked hard to free herself from the clutches of addiction and turn her life around. Practising as a counsellor, in a women’s centre in Manchester, she now helps other girls in trouble.

She forms a close relationship with Cassie, one of her clients and tries to help her escape the clutches of a violent boyfriend.

But is Sophie being followed?

How can she uncover the truth, when she can’t trust what is real?

The more she delves, the closer she gets to danger.

Can she revisit her own dark past before it is too late?

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My Review:

Sophie Brown finally has her life on track. She is a counselor at a women’s center and she cares for each and every one of her clients. When Cassie, one of the women she counsels, begins to open up to Sophie, her horrible ordeal brings back a painful past for Sophie. Cassie is in an emotional and abusive relationship with low self esteem and no way to get out. Sophie vows to help Cassie and in the Midst of helping Cassie, Sophie stars receiving threatening messages. Who is behind the messages she is receiving and what does it have to do with her past? More importantly is this the start of something even bigger that has the potential to put Sophie in harm’s way?

Wow, what an emotional book especially for women who have gone through domestic abuse. Sophie’s life is not a happy one. She left home at a young age and entered a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. She stayed in this toxic relationship in part fear and in part because she was afraid to go back home. I really felt bad for Sophie as well as any woman placed in this position. I consider myself a strong woman and I have dated a guy who hit me once. Let’s just say I hit back. As much as I would like to understand why someone would stay in a relationship like this, I have a hard time with it and honestly it makes me really really angry. I know some women are too afraid to leave and feel stuck. I would just hope that one day they would have the courage to leave as life is way to precious to live in constant fear.

As we delved deeper into Sophie’s life, my heart broke a little for her. She bounced around from one bad relationship to the next and yet still had hope that she would one day find a decent man. Sophie is an easy protagonist to like and feel for, but I felt she sometimes did stupid things. For example, not contacting the police sooner when she started receiving messages or felt like she was being stalked. You are a counselor for women for God’s sake. Come on now. My butt would have had 911 on speed dial. I don’t play around with dangerous situations. If anyone comes stalking me I got a nice big Pit Bull for you to meet and I won’t think twice about letting her get you. With break-ins and shady characters around I would definitely never not have a dog for protection.

Dianne Ezzard really penned an emotional story for me that at times made me sad and at times made me angry. I love when a story can pull out an emotion in me and make me think. For a first in a series I felt that I Know Your Every Move started off really strong. The mystery is not an easy one to solve especially with a lot of red herrings thrown your way. I did not have a clue as to who was behind the stalking and when it was finally revealed it was quite a shock.

I know Your Every Move is an intense story with twists that will leave you breathless as you flip through the pages needing more! I am so happy to have read this book and even happier that I have the second in the series and I eagerly plan on savoring each and every word.

As Sick As Our Secrets

We all keep secrets, don’t we?

Sophie used to be fearful, with a troubled past. Now, she’s a confident young woman helping others turn their lives around –
or is she?

A nasty surprise awaits her after the funeral of a friend and she soon finds out that nothing is as it seems.

Caught up in the dark world of gangsters and villains in the heart of Manchester she attempts to find Cassie’s killer. Following a trail of lies, she gets so wrapped up delving into the lives of others she doesn’t notice her own life falling apart, back into the grips of addiction.

Can romance blossom for Sophie after all the mistakes she has made in the past, or will her only comfort be drink? Things never end up the way she intends.

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My Review:

As sick as Our Secrets starts off from where we ended in the first book of the series, I Know Your Every Move. Sophie is on the hunt for a killer and will stop at nothing to find out what happened to her client. Along the way, she comes into contact with the boyfriend of her departed client along with a few gangsters. Sophie is determined to solve the mysterious murder, but finds herself in hot water again. This time, she will have to navigate her way through lies to figure out the truth while being pursued by bad men intent on hurting her. Will Sophie be able to find a killer before he strikes again next?

I really, really have to shake my head at Sophie. Does she ever learn? Why must she get herself in these stupid situations and how can she be this clueless as to when danger presents itself. I totally dislike using this phrase, but Sophie is really TSTL “Too stupid to live.” Reference number one – Sophie comes into contact with who she thinks is the killer (which they deny by the way…of course) Figures out he drugged or or something of the sort and carried her over some long distance and she says “you are really strong. You must work out.” Eh what????? (don’t quote me on the quote I am just paraphrasing it sort of.) Another case in point is when Sophie arrives home in the dark and two strange men are just against the wall seemingly waiting on her. So what does Sophie do? You guess it she gets out of the car! “You are lying” you say, nope I am not! My butt would have made sure all the windows were rolled up high tailed it out of there and again same as the first book in the series, “I got the police on speed dial.” Poor Sophie over here may need to take a crash course on some self defense lessons cause she sure does get herself into trouble a lot!

You are probably saying to yourself right now,“boy she really disliked this book!” Well here is a newsflash. I actually liked it! Of course, I did have a few issues particularly with Sophie, but as a whole the story grabbed my attention. Maybe it was the shock factor or perhaps because of Sophie herself. Although there are quite a few colorful characters that held my attention, like Randy, the gangster. Don’t get me wrong he is no Godfather, but he certainly would fit in with Wise Guys.

I do admit the mystery was really good and yet again I was left guessing as to who was behind everything. Sad to say, I did not figure it out until the end again. Dianne Ezzard really does a great job at keeping you guessing as to where the story will go.

As Sick as Our Secrets is another twisty read by Dianne Ezzard one that I had a hard time putting down! Sophie is definitely not your typical heroine, but you will still fall in love with her and at the same time want to slap her silly. I definitely had a good time reading this book.

Author Bio –

Manchester born Diane Ezzard writes emotionally charged psychological thrillers and mysteries about everyday people in seemingly ordinary circumstances until something goes badly wrong in their lives.

Before taking early retirement to concentrate on her writing, she worked as a HR manager, a counsellor, owned a cafe and managed a charity.

She now lives and writes in South East London close to her daughter and grandchildren.

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