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I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review:  Terminal by John Leifer @LeiferJohn #bookreviewTerminal by John Leifer
Published by Leifer Group on July 1, 2018
Genres: Thriller, Suspense
Pages: 376
Format: eBook
Source: Author
ISBN: 0999565524

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In this chilling prequel to 8 Seconds to Midnight, the most devastating terrorist attack ever recorded on American soil begins and endswithout spilling a single drop of blood. Four jihadists, armed with nothing more than a briefcase and a pen, walk nonchalantly through the country's busiest airports, killing time and killing people. A deadly mist, laden with a universally lethal virus, trails close behind them. Their goal: foment a global pandemic. Their vision: Armageddon, where only the Chosen Ones - those loyal to the United Islamic State - survive. The job of stopping them falls squarely on the shoulders of one man, Commander John Hart, but will he be in time?

The United Islamic States, led by Ibrahim Almasi Al-Bakr, is setting an attack in motion to bring death to the entire Western world and in its place erect a Caliphate ruled by a prince who would unite Muslims all across the nation. This new Islamic state would be governed by Sharia Law, the true law of every nation. Death of the infidels is forthcoming with only the Chosen Ones, loyal to the United Islamic States, surviving such devastation. Four Jihadists are about to embark on one of the deadliest terrorist attacks to ever touch American soil. With briefcases in hand, they are determined to let loose a deadly virus on the unsuspecting travelers in four of the major airports across the country. Their goal is creating a pandemic that will wreak death and destruction amongst all of the non-believers of radical Islam. Commander John Hart, a formal Navy Seal now serving a counter-terrorism team dedicated to bioterrorism threats against the United States, is tasked with preventing such an event from ever happening. Will Hart succeed in stopping the terrorists or will a global outbreak, the likes of which the world has never seen before, touch our shores and create one of the biggest pandemics the world has ever seen?

Terminal starts us off with a hint of foreshadowing during a presentation at a local university about molecularly engineered bioweapons that could cause devastating losses.. The presentation is being led by Dr. Elizabeth Wilkins, head of the CDC’s bio-safety laboratory. Those present during the presentation include Commander John Hart. He knows all too well that bioweapons are no longer just created in laboratories, but it is also in the hands of terrorists all across the globe. It is really scary when I think about the endless possibilities that could happen in our world today. I think people need to be more aware of the potential for threats to our nation. Prior to the terrorist attack on 9/11, I feel that most people lived in a bubble never thinking for once that something such as a terrorist attack would ever happen on such a grand scale. It is really scary to think of the endless possibilities and the utter path of destruction a deadly virus can cause and the unimaginable number of deaths that would be iminent if something like this were to ever happen. The United States could be completely devastated in a mere matter of months with significant losses to our people. Although, this is a fictitious story it lends an air of realism and the “what if.”

I will admit that when I first opened this book and saw a list of characters, I felt a bit overwhelmed wondering if I was going to remember the names of all the key characters especially since a few of them are cultural names which can be quite daunting being as I am American. I needn’t have worried though because John Leifer crafted highly detailed characters each with their own thoughts and feelings relevant to the character they portrayed in the story. Of course my favorite is Commander John Hart. He is a badass, but yet he has a human side with feelings and desires that are shown through here and there that really made me feel like a can connect with him and root for him as a hero. Ahmed Al Hameed, protege of Almasi Bakr, is just pure evil with so much hatred in his soul. However, Leifer does show a small sampling of his human side when he was bullied as a child for being different. So, in a way, I can see how he turned out to be a bad seed as he grew older.

The plot is super heavy and definitely does not make for light reading material. Leifer really hits home the atrocities committed by terrorists adamant on destroying the world for their idealistic beliefs. Radical Islamists have a skewed sense of what the Quran is and what it means to be Islamic. I really felt as if I learned a lot while reading this story as it really is extremely detailed, which I absolutely loved. I love the slow build up at the start of this book and as the story progresses so did my heart rate. The deeper you get into the story the more intense it becomes and I found myself thoroughly engrossed and heavily invested in the outcome. I also must drive home a point on Leifer really putting it all out there such as the fear, chaos, and utterly heartbreaking moments that defined the story. In many scenes, I felt as if I was actually there feeling the same desperation, horror and uncertainty caused by an act of terrorism.

Terminal by John Leifer is a pulse pounding edge of your seat terroristic thriller set against the backdrop of America and the Middle East. Leifer’s writing is so rich you will get lost between the pages, hoping for the story to never end. I was completely drawn in from the first page and I can truly say this is an outstanding and thought provoking story. I have a feeling each new book in the series will be all five star reads for me. Yes, it is that good!

Terminal is the first book in the Commander John Hart series and it is actually a prequel to 8 Seconds to Midnight., which I will quickly be adding to my TBR. I am highly looking forward to more books in this series. I am well and truly hooked now.

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