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The Last Lie She Told
Lies and misdirection rule the game.

To some, Fiona O’Dell is clever and manipulative. To others, she is a dangerous sociopath. One thing is certain – she’s trouble wherever she goes. Now she has vanished from her job, but not before being seen leaving a motel room where one man is found dead, another on the edge of death. Is this grizzly crime scene a BDSM encounter gone wrong? Or is it related to a company data breach where all three are employed?
Private security expert Lee Stone and NYPD Detective Belle Hughes are assigned to the case. In a race to find Fiona, they track her across four states and shocked to find men from her past are being murdered. With little information and even less evidence, each new crime scene brings more questions than answers.
While secrets are revealed, there is only one conclusion: Fiona controls the game, the players, even the course of the investigation. The danger escalates, and the game must be mastered, or all fall victim to it. As Lee and Belle struggle to put all the pieces together, the two investigators find their relationship heats up as they are drawn to each other. Looking for a murder mystery with a feisty female detective that’s filled with twists and turns? Explore The Last Lie She Told for a thrill ride that leaves you guessing until the end.

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My Review:

Jackson is former FBI and now owner of his own security firm. Benjamin Hightower is Jackson’s former high school buddy and in need of Jackson’s investigative skills. Benjamin is the CEO of a Biotechnology firm and a vital piece of research of cutting edge technology had been stolen from his firm. This particular piece of research is worth billions if it is sold on the black market. It is of utmost importance that the data is recovered before it gets in the wrong hands. Leading the investigation are two of Jackson’s investigators Lee and Mary. High up on the suspect list is Fiona O’Dell, master manipulator and sociopath. Wherever Fiona turns up bodies are found. Is Fiona behind the stolen research or is something more sinister at play?

I had such a blast reading The Last Lie She Told. Not only is the story a thriller, but it also has elements of comedy thrown in from the motley group of characters searching for this stolen research. Lee is an ex Chicago cop. He retired from the force when his heart became hardened and he felt he can no longer look at victims and have sympathy towards them. Not only was he jaded by his job, he also lost part of his soul when his wife passed away from cancer. Mary is a ninety year old granny type that looked less of an investigator and more like one of the Golden Girls. She was an absolute riot! She had me laughing so hard that I wished she was part of my family. I love that she had a purse full of weapons. I just got the biggest kick out of her and how she was always trying to find Lee a girlfriend. Lee and Mary were always trying to outwit the other and it made for some fun banter between the two of them. Lee and Mary are soon joined by Belle, a local New York City cop and together they are lead on a merry goose chase trying to find Fiona.

The plot of the story was engaging from the first page. I found myself really sucked into the story trying to figure out what was going on. The suspense really keeps you guessing and there are a lot of red herrings thrown in to throw you off of figuring out what was going on. I was utterly speechless at the turn of events and when it all went down I was completely shocked. One thing I love about titles of a book is trying to figure out where in the story the title makes a connection and I have to say the connection once made was absolutely brilliant.

I loved every part of this book and found it to be so original especially with the cast of characters. I mean how many stories have you read that have a ninety year old woman as a lead investigator that can hang and outdo investigators half her age. Mary is as smart as a whip and she is not shy. I loved how she wanted to go to a BDSM club and investigate. I really laughed at that one. Mary was by far my favorite character of the whole story.

The Last Lie She Told is a maze of lies and deceit that will take you down a dark and twisting path and just when you think you have it all figured out, K.J. McGillick throws another monkey wrench into the mix leaving you dazed and confused. This story is so original and simply outstanding and I had such a blast right from the word go. I am really looking forward to seeing more of Lee, Mary and Belle as they have all made it to my favorite book character list. So pick up your copy of the Last Lie She Told, the first story in the Lies and Misdirection series and enjoy the wild ride.

Author Bio

K. J. McGillick was born in New York and once she started to walk she never stopped running. But that’s what New Yorker’s do. Right?

As she evolved so did her career choices. After completing her graduate degree in nursing she spent many years in the university setting sharing the dreams of the enthusiastic nursing students she taught. After twenty rewarding years in the medical field she attended law school and has spent the last twenty-four years as an attorney helping people navigate the turbulent waters of the legal system. Not an easy feat. And now? Now she is sharing the characters she loves with readers hoping they are intrigued by her twisting and turning plots and entertained by her writing.

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