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Book Name: The Promise
Author: Sally Jenkins
Series: Standalone
Genre: Suspense
Number of Pages: 218 pages
Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd
Publishing Date: Jan 28, 2018
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars
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The Promise

A man has been stabbed. A woman is bloodstained. The nightmares from her teenage years have begun again for Olivia Field – just as she is preparing to marry.

Ex-convict, Tina is terminally ill. Before she dies, the care of her younger, psychologically unwell brother, Wayne must be ensured. So Tina calls in a promise made to her thirty years ago in a prison cell. A promise that was written down and placed with crucial evidence illustrating a miscarriage of justice in a murder case.

Tina believes Olivia is perfectly placed to provide the care Wayne needs, but to do so, Olivia must be forced to cancel her own wedding and wreck the lives of those close to her. Tina’s terrible blackmail demands put Olivia’s entire future and, ultimately, her freedom under threat.

The Promise is a fast-paced psychological thriller told from several third person viewpoints. The novel explores the lengths to which people are prepared go in order to protect those they love and the impossibility of ever fully escaping our past actions.

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My Review:

Tina’s life is almost at an end. Faced with the news that she has terminal cancer, she finds a way to make sure her brother, Wayne, is looked after after she is gone. Tina did not have an easy life. She was in and out of jail a few times and since then has never held a steady job. The only thing Tina ever managed to do right was taking care her her younger brother as a promise she made to her mother many years ago. Wayne is not stable enough to live on his own and cannot hold down a job. He has rituals he performs and everything needs to be in the right order or he will freak out. Because of this, Tina reaches out to Simon and Olivia. Simon is the son of her ex-cellmate, Audrey. Audrey promised Tina, thirty plus years ago, that if she ever needed help Simon and Olivia will be there for her.

Olivia is starting to have nightmares. Nightmares of a murder that took place thrirty years prior. She chalks it up to the stress that she has been under while preparing to her wedding with Mark. Mark is concerned about her and offers to help her get counseling, but there are secrets Olivia does not want to get out. Secrets she thought she buried years ago in her past.

Tina knows all about Olivia and her secret. Audrey, her ex-cellmate wrote out a confessional and accidentally mailed it along with the letter stating that Simon and Olivia would offer assistance to her if she ever needed it. Tina will stop at nothing to get what she wants even if it means blackmailing Olivia in order to reach her end goal.

I really enjoyed reading THE PROMISE. At first, I was a bit confused because there are many characters introduced pretty early on in the story, but I realized it was needed once everything started to come out. Tina, although having numerous bad points, still managed to come across as somewhat caring when she talks about her brother and her willingness to do anything to protect him when she is gone. I had a love/hate relationship with Tina. Tina is quite devious blackmailing Olivia and Simon, but deep down you know its rooted in her belief that her brother will be cared for.

The story is a slow build up and I really liked the psychological play which kept me glued to the story to find out how it would all go down. I do have to say that the manipulation and lies and long ago buried secrets had me flipping through the pages to find out what happens next.

THE PROMISE is told through different points of view which I always find work really well in any story and helps me make a better connection to each of the characters. I love seeing the thought process behind the characters actions and the author, Sally Jenkins did a beautiful job of this. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this story. it is well worth the read.

About The Author:


Sally Jenkins lives in the West Midlands. She is a member of a Speakers’ Club, a volunteer library reading group coordinator and a church bell ringer. Sally’s first psychological thriller, Bedsit Three won the Ian Govan Award.

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