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29382108Book Name: Revelation
Author: Carter Wilson
Series: Standalone
Genre: Thriller
Number of Pages: 352
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Publishing Date: December 13, 2016
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
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*ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review*

Harden Campbell wishes he could wake up from this nightmare. Cold, alone and locked in a dark room, the first thing he notices is the dead body of his closest friend. That is not the only thing he notices. Harden sees an old typewriter, a stack of white paper and on the top sheet the words “Tell Me A Story.” He knows who it is from and he also knows that his life depends on the story he is about to tell.

“The words of a book mean nothing when they’re just ink on paper. It’s the author you have to believe in, not the message. If the author of the message is believable, the message becomes irrelevant.”

Harden is in his last year of college when he has the misfortune of walking into the path of Wylie, also known as Coyote to most. Coyote has a way a drawing people in. He is charming, friendly, and has an air of confidence about him that Harden lacks. It does not come as a shock that Harden follows Coyote’s lead, even though he knows he shouldn’t. What follows is a cat and mouse game orchestrated by Coyote in his quest for true power.

Coyote is very much a psychopath. We know he is the villain and the author does not make it a secret. I know it may sound a bit weird, but I have always been fascinated with psychopathic behavior. This is probably the reason why I loved the character of Coyote so much. I always wanted to know what makes a psychopath/sociopath tick. How did Coyote become the man he is today. Coyote is cunning. He knows what it takes to get people to believe in him and follow him. He uses his skills to his advantage and knows just who to target.

“Because Harden, in my experience, those who are haunted are the most vulnerable.”
“Vulnerable to what?”
“To everything.”

I especially loved this quote because I have often wondered why people can so easily follow a leader whether its a cult leader, or a religious fanatic. Can anyone be manipulated or is it only the vulnerable? I know this story is fiction, but yet we know this can happen and has happened. Look at Charles Manson and how he got people to do what he wanted of them. I don’t know about you, but I find it fascinating and in a way heartbreaking how someone could easily be led astray in order to believe in something that might not always be in their best interest.

REVELATION is a simple yet brilliantly written story. Carter Wilson takes you on a journey through the past and the present where not everything is as it seems. What you think you know. You don’t. There are so many twists and you will be wondering what is real and what isn’t. The story is just one complete mindf*ck.

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